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Project update: Ultrascan (Holy sh*t it MOVES!)

March 29, 2007


Andreea and I went to the doctor for our first ultrascan today. This is of course an important milestone, and we were eager to get a clear picture of the current status of the project. She is 12 weeks pregnant, so this is just the first of many Quality Assurance meetings to come… While I can’t give any specifics on particular features, such as sex, eye color and such, I’m happy to report that everything is developing according to specification! There are no visible bugs, and the feature-set is what is to be expected at this stage. This baby of ours is now 6,51cm tall, and very much alive and kicking. Actually, running is a better description. I do not believe we’ll encounter any performance problems in the future… 🙂

We expect to deliver on schedule, around October 7th.

This is amazing!