Building trust


As most business solutions savy people know, Oracle sued SAP a week ago. The accusations are serious, and can result in serious consequences if found true.

This will not help Oracle in their struggles to get a hold of the SME market. In fact, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft are already having big trouble getting the trust they need to get any large piece of this market. None of these players speak their customers language in the sales process. All of them have large-scale legal issues that are out in the open. And all of them are big, even huge companies.

So, since when did big become bad?

Truth is, big isn’t bad at all. But for a small business it will always feel better talking to a vendor with strong precense in the local market/vincinity than talking to a small sales subsidiary of a big faceless corporation. And when the big corporation is a fighter suing its competitors, compassion may rise but trust doesn’t. As for the biggies under fire like SAP and Microsoft (in the EU courts among others), trust aren’t exactly soaring.

Oracle is suing SAP over theft of intellectual property, specifically the theft of support documents. I understand that it’s important to protect the investments in such intellectual property, but seriously – keeping support materials in the open is good for customers. This goes for all software, including ERP and business solutions.

What customers will see is big companies fighting, over and over again. All at the same time as smaller vendors with strong local presence and strong software and service offerings talk to customers about how to improve their businesses.

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