The grass is greener…

Green Grass

Microsoft is abandoning Project Green, which effectively makes it the largest, most ambitious piece of Vaporware in computer history. The merger of Axapta, Great Plains, Navision and Solomon was the threat vision that Microsoft pushed to ERP ISV:s a few years ago. I remember participating at a “Microsoft Certified Partner” meeting with one of my previous employers, listening to their vision of project green. It was beautifully described as four lines (one for each product), entering a cloud out of which a beautiful green line emerged.

Now they’re trying to rewrite history, saying that this never was the intention.

This gets me upset, for the simple reason that I bought it at the time. However, thanks to some smart people that found it worthwhile to teach me a thing or two, I realized the vaporware factor in project green a long time ago.

But what about the developers? What about the dealers? And what about the customers? The one’s that built their business upon a false promise of a new platform (yes, I’m talking about the MBF)?

Updated: Changed the MBF link to the real PDC PowerPoint presentation (which I loved at the time, by the way…) instead of Google’s cached HTML version.

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One Comment on “The grass is greener…”

  1. Stephane Rodriguez Says:

    Yep. That’s exactly why, whenever I see a post about Microsoft roadmap/betas and so on, I simply click next. It turns out that, due to the sheer amount of Microsoft crap being discussed on the net, ignoring it is a great time saver.

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