Discover Maria Tănase!

Andreea (my fiancée) wanted to introduce me to Romanian music the other day. Being from Romania herself, she’s full of stories about how she, her family and friends was fighting for the records they got over the years. I guess that especially during the communist times the music scene was quite controlled.

Maria Tănase
Anyway, she convinced me to buy this compilation of early Maria Tănase songs. Tănase was the most prominent Romanian singer in the early 20th century. You could say that she was to Romania what Edith Piaf was to France. Her voice is sinciere, powerful and loaded with emotion.

Why she never got known outside of Romania is a complete mystery to me. I understand it wasn’t until the 90’s that her songs got attention outside of the Balkan region. Long overdue, if you ask me.

Oh, and sucks handling UTF-8. If you copy/paste “Maria Tănase” into the search field, the “ă” character is replaced with a question mark, and it finds nothing. I thought we’ve entered the 21st century by now, but things like this makes me wonder…

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