Who will be serious about mobile business solutions?

Somebody probably said too much about the rumored GooglePhone yesterday. The mobile phone market is getting more and more interesting every day now. Apple announced the iPhone, Samsung is pushing devices out the door as if there’s no tomorrow, Nokia is… well, Nokia. Not very big in the US, but here in Europe they rule.

But what about business solutions? I mean, mobile business solutions? Apple for sure doesn’t even mention them, and they’ve announced nothing in this regard. Samsung seem to be thinking “Mobile Business Solutions = Windows Mobile”. Windows Mobile doesn’t have very much in store for the business users, though. Reading your e-mail and syncronizing your contacts represent a very limited set of business use-cases. We can know nothing of what Google have in store, but their track-record for business solutions is very poor.

In fact, HansaWorld is the only company that have a complete out-of-the-box mobile solution for businesses, and it has been getting some attention from Nokia a while ago. Cingular (“The new AT&T”) got excited about it too.

If you’re a serious about entering the business market for mobile devices with some new piece of hardware, you have to provide a business solution with it. At a very minimum this means that your device

  • must integrate tightly into your ERP/CRM backend
  • must have a live multi-user calendar that allow users to handle not only their own calendar data, but also others
  • must connect to a corporate address book that is live and online, so that corporate contacts are always available and stored centrally
  • The HansaWorld mobile solution is an integral part of the ERP/CRM system, which means you can get reports to your device live, do data entry (creating quotations or invoices for instance) live and find that one address in your 50.000+ contacts address register within a second (or add it if you don’t have it already). If you loose your device, all you need to do is buying a new one, download the client from the web and login to your system again. The corporate data, the customer list, your tasks and calendar data won’t find its way to your competitors regardless who finds the device between the seats in the movie theatre.

    So why am I making this to be about the devices, and not the software? Because it is. The device manufacturers (and the carriers) need to understand what their stuff should be able to do for their customers.

    But of course this is about software, too. Going into this market without the understanding that business users need access to all of these things from all kinds of devices will make you fail, for instance.

    With this in mind, what do you think GooglePhone will do for business users? And, is Microsoft really in it to win (via Robert Scoble)?

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