Valentine with a business(one) twist

AccMan continues to be a great source in my aggregator. In this post from St. Valentines Day a month ago, he mentiones the Be Nice to SAP Day. Hehehe!

SAP is pushing its Business One product hard, but it’s not a success story. The Baltic countries and South Africa are good examples; while certain industry giants are saying that the market is stalling over there, HansaWorld is experiencing tremendous growth.

When the big giants are going after the SMB/SME market, they’re up against small, international giants like HansaWorld. They’re failing in part because they don’t understand how to handle the customers, and in part because they have trouble managing dealers in this context. Selling business solutions for this market is not like selling office supplies or fortune-1000 business solutions. It takes a different kind of engagement with customers and dealers.

So, although a bit overdue (only a month), this observation is my contribution to the Be Nice to SAP Day.

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