Why, Yes, ERP is sexy! (let’s talk about business)

Hi there, I’m Ludvig A. Norin, and I’m passionate about software for business, or business solutions if you’re strict about language. Or ERP if you’re old. Or integrated ERP and CRM if you’re hip. Or whatever. 🙂

There’s been lots said about this kind of software over the years, albeit less said in the blogosphere for some reason – I’m going to change that – but what’s never been said is the plain and simple truth about it: ERP, CRM, retail and production solutions (and so on and so forth…) are sexy. Cool. Incredible to work with when they’re made and implemented right in an organization, and fantastic to develop from a systems architect’s point of view. This kind of software is both about the most complex commonplace software you’ll find, and the simplest. Complex because of the sheer amount of functionality it provides, simple because of the things all those functions actually does.

At the end of the day, it’s about the simple things in business. Like creating an invoice from a sales order, or a sales order from a quotation, by the push of a button. Wherever you are, you might need to do it. Many good systems will let you, some great systems will let you do it without thinking about the complexity involved. The very best systems will encourage you, or make you, do it.

Business software is sexy when it is great enough to drive business forward.

ERP and CRM is about the simple things in business, but it is about technology too. On my blog I’ll write about these things, and about a few other subjects that are close to my heart. This is my personal blog, and my own opinions. I would like you to get to know me, so do expect to see personal entries here. I also want to get to know you better (actually, that is why I am here), so please give your opinions in the comments, or use the contact information to the right (it’s not there yet, though, I’m just figuring wordpress out).

I would like to thank Robert Scoble for inspiring me to start this blog. I’ve followed your blog since forever, and this blog has been a long time coming.

Finally, if you’re excited about business software, head off to Frank Scavo and subscribe to his blog. Frank is a pioneer in the blogosphere when it comes to writing about business solutions.

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